Arranging a Conference

People in the office

Take these steps to arrange a conference with Wright-Roy Funeral Home:

Step 1

Vital Statistics: Military Discharge Paper - DD-214 for Veterans, Number of years of marriage

Download our Vital Statistics Form

Step 2

Family Information: Surviving relatives and where they live, grandchildren listed by either # or names and where they live.

Step 3

Personal Information: Clubs and organizations that they belong to, interests of the person (i.e. loved bingo, quilted, loved fishing.) Photograph for the obituary; please bring in the original photo for better quality pictures.

Step 4

What Kind of Funeral Service: Select Burial or Cremation Plan or Customize Service.

Step 5

Select Casket, Burial Vault or Cremation Urn

Step 6

Clothing (Note: clothing with long sleeves are more appropriate.)

Men's Clothing:

  • T-shirt
  • boxers or briefs
  • socks
  • pants
  • dress shirt with long sleeves
  • tie
  • sport coat
  • Shoes, jewelry, and belt optional

Women's Clothing:

  • bra
  • underwear
  • slip
  • knee high nylons
  • dress or pant suit (blouse, jacket and pants)
  • Jewelry, shoes optional

Step 7

Memorabilia: Any items that are important to the deceased, i.e.: high school yearbook, wedding photos or albums, photo collage etc....

Step 8

Applicable forms: Forms with necessary information - i.e. insurance policy if using for payment, or the name and address of the charity where donations are to be sent if you are choosing to have “In lieu of flowers.”

Download our Vital Statistics Form